6 must have skills for Content Marketers


6 must have skills Content Marketers

Must have skill for Content Marketers?

Marketers are progressively being called upon to broaden their aptitudes and assume different parts on the group. Present day content marketers are not only hired for social media tasks, but they are also expected to work upon content, analyse data and work with sales to build benefits.

With the current scenario, it is expected that the spending on digital marketing likely to increase by 12% to 15% on an average.

To broaden your knowledge in this field it is time you consider learning and developing these skills.


1.  Analytics

Business pioneers need hard numbers on the effect of promotion to measure the effect of campaigns and marketers need to become familiar with analytics and demonstrate their worth.

Marketers should know to measure ROI, as organizations need to know precisely what they have to put in and what they are getting. The individuals who can consistently gauge and modify campaigns based on the available information will increase the odds of ascending to higher positions within the organization.

Experts and professionals who want to prosper should dive deep into analytical approach to stay on top.

2. Writing and communication

Writing and communication is fit as a fiddle, 74.2% of organizations are happy to inform that their marketing team is expanding because of good efforts in content marketing and keeping in mind that artificial reasoning and machine learning tools are progressively becoming popular in this field, a good way to let your customers know about your product through a story.

But, it is the marketer’s journey to play a significant role in building an effective content marketing strategy in the buyer’s journey. Content plays an important role in educating and informing the clients which in turn will inspire your customers and motivate them to buy.

Marketers need to understand what type of content to create and how to convert them into leads.

Marketers who can write and communicate will be able to effectively communicate with the customers.

Those who can encourage the buyers through their writing or speaking skills will rise to the top.


3. Coding Skills

Marketers who lack behind in HTML and CSS are considered to be a pain for the development team. Learning the basics of these can help the team to resolve minor issues instantly, such as changes in the blogs and website.

Understand, how to modify or check a competitor’s website to make the required changes. This has become an expectation rather a desired skill.

Marketers are also expected to learn another language, not to master in Python but at least know how to build a search engine crawler using Python, so that you can master in SEO. This will act as an added advantage.

4. Marketing automation

Marketing automation lets you increase your campaign performance, but you need to have the required skills in this field. It is not easy to use automated workflows to develop leads through emails. But, with research work, you can drive up to 14.5% increase in sales and productivity and a reduction of 12.2% in marketing overhead.

5. Research

Research is the key to everything, so marketing campaigns need to be researched first. It’s important that you improve in this skill.

Marketers need to have a deep knowledge of the buyers, the current market trends, analytics and the opportunities you will get in this field. This will require advanced research skills, a go beyond the Google search engine.

The research skills are likely to help the marketers to improve the subject matter to gain profit in their business and a better understanding of the buyer and the market as well. Marketers who have good research skills is an added bonus to the team.

6. Improving the user and customer experience

Companies generally have a separate design team, designers who have the basic skills are in demand. Content Marketers, know what today’s target market want, they work with the design team to create the website that is required to work according to the user and customer experience.

About 95% of the customers love to visit those websites which have good user experience. Content Marketers should at least know the basic designing skills to help develop a customer experience website.

SEO never dies, it just changes with time

Having the capacity to get your image or customer to the first page at Google or at the top has amazing advantages, as clients are not liable to tap on page two of the search page results. However, Google always refreshes and the way we look online changes, so advertisers can remain ahead in the event that they frequently catch up on their SEO abilities.


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