6 Ways to use live- streaming for B2B Brands

Use live streaming

How your brand can become a part of live- streaming revolution?

An incredible solution for B2B Brands who would love to spread their wings in terms of technology without having to spend a fortune on video equipment and hardware.

Now, all it takes to go live is a smartphone with all the features, a strong internet connection and obviously in good condition.

It doesn’t even matter how you utilise it, live- streaming builds brand connection, it draws attention and helps to keep your customers engaged.

You don’t need to ask the question whether live- streaming is helpful for your brand advertising? Just find out how you can put it to work for your B2B Brands.


6 Top effective ways to make live-streaming work for your B2B Brands:

  • Appointment for live- streaming demonstration for customers

    Suppose, you want your new customers to pass through the ordering system, you should put a pre-recorded video with all the steps so that it’s easier for them to order something and make the payment.

    It’s better you should set up an appointment for a live- streaming demonstration.

    You can take into account this added advantage along with other advantages as well, such as having the account manager to answer your queries during the live- streaming process.

    Also, live-streaming your video to different offices within the same organisation as well, so that people can easily communicate with each other and be on the same page- leaving behind the issue of communication gap.

  • Live-streaming for customer service

    Also, provide the option of live- streaming for customer service- easy resolving of issues instantly.

    Once you start using this process, your organisation is likely to get rid of the tag that comes with online customer service, no more tensions of anger emails of the customers or disconnected chats.

    Now, customers can get a personal and direct connection with the person who is handling the problem from the starting.

  • Project updates through live- streaming

    With project updates through live- streaming, your customers will stay updated and will love to appreciate the real time taken in a particular project. Your brand builds a transparency.

    Let your customers get a brief glance of the achievements of your organisation. A live demonstration which will give prompt feedback.

  • Make use of Beta testing

    Live- streaming to your beta testing process can give you instant feedback on current and new products and services.

    An easy interaction with the testers of the world from the cabin of your office.


  • Get Connected with B2B Brands.

    There is no rule that you have to be the one in front of the camera- connect with the influencers by attending their shows.

    But you can always grab the opportunity to introduce yourself to the crowd- a little chat about your company can get you noticed. For you would never know where this kind of influencer activity would lead you.

  • Make them Sign Up

    Offering live- streaming videos and sharing information so that people sign up to your email lists and social media accounts.

    For example, in between your live streams, you can ask for their email id if you want.

    The possibility of using live- streaming is limitless, consider using in your marketing process. Start online live- streaming classes for your customers today for getting B2B Brands engagement!


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