Talent Management & Development

Developing a high-impact workforce!
The war on talent will go on forever. This means that ensuring that the workforce is engaged, trained and is constantly shown new reasons to stay with the brand, is becoming more and more of a challenge.
The new-age workforce has access to more enformation at its fingertips than ever before. They know their options and how to use them.
Peoplebridge helps organizations with challenges around Managing and developing their workforce. Making it happy to come to work everyday and stay on longer.

Talent Management
Covering the widest aspect of the HR spectrum, Talent Management is the story of an employee’s life from the time they join an organization. Taking over from where onboarding leaves off, Talent Management defines and measures performance, motivation and engagement programs, learning and professional development, reward and benefits strategies, HR operations and much more.
Peoplebridge helps organizations identify what works best for their people. How to build, implement and optimize their Talent Management strategy. Using relevant industry best practices as benchmarks. Monitoring progress and assessing results of what is in progress and what more needs to be done.

Learning and Development
One of the biggest drivers of Employee Engagement is the level of importance organizations give to developing their people. People, in turn, cherish learning because it stays with them for the duration of their work life. Organizations invest time and money in training and developing their people to perform better and contribute to the success of the business. Thereby demonstrating an ROI. They also expect people to use their learning to positively influence the culture of the organization – which motivates others. And to become better human beings as well.
Peoplebridge approaches Learning and Development strategically. Starting from identifying what outcomes the organization would like to achieve. Then putting together a curriculum unique to employee groups defined by the organization’s demographics.
We use the latest, state-of-the-art, delivery methods that are customized to the learner profile. These could include a combination of online self-learning e-programs, facilitator-lead programs or recommend specific MOOCs. We also believe in transferring knowledge through Train-the-trainer master-classes for onward transmission in the future.
However, training is just one part of employee development. Peoplebridge also helps organizations design bespoke development programs. Where people’s development areas are identified and worked upon through focused action plans.

Our portfolio covers:

  • Orientation
  • Soft skill training
  • Functional training
  • Coaching Mentoring
  • Hi-Performer fast-track programs
  • Cross functional/Regional/International project options
  • Development planning and Individual action planning

And much more.

We at Peoplebridge share our client’s aim: to make people more effective at their current job while keeping an eye on upward mobility within the organization.
This philosophy is carried across employee groups and demographics and forms the foundation of our approach to Learning and Development.

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